Sowing With Confidence by Marcia Shannon

As I look over my life, I realize there has been a pattern of my travelling from the pit to the palace. Just as Joseph's brothers threw him a pit because of his own prideful arrogance, so was I in the pit of finances due to my own poor decisions. Through each pit I dug, God processed me out and into the palace, on top of the situation and directed me to the place of victory.

This book is about the financial principles I learned as I transitioned from being on welfare to working in the welfare office. From being in a homeless shelter to working in a homeless shelter. From working to fulfill someone else's vision to receiving my own God-given vision to empower the disenfranchised. My process was not an overnight one but if you will consider applying these principles, you will undoubtedly move from the pit of your circumstances to the palace of your circumstances as I did.

Further, if you know of anyone who does not believe tithing works, please give them this book or better yet, apply the principle of sowing and buy it for them. Sow this book into their lives because what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. I know because I have seen it happen in my life over and over again which is why I decided to share it in this book.

It is my prayer that after reading my book you will be inspired to start your journey from the pit to the palace with a renewed passion to Sow with Confidence.

Reader Reviews

"This book has forever opened my eyes to the principles of sowing, reaping, and the importance of strategically positioning myself to be blessed. The author provides valuable insight regarding how God's favor is directly linked to our giving, as well as the spirit in which we give."  - Minister Donald Graham, Jr.

"As a dedicated tither and sower I was lead to purchase this book for further insight into the blessings and benefits of Sowing Financially. After reading this book I am inspired once again to sow intentionally, sow beyond my 10% as required by God; but sow into my Woman of God and Sow with Confidence (Intentionality) into good ground." - Ronalda Sedeno